R. Chris Skinner, PhD

Born West Virginian, former Arkansan and transient Memphian squatter, and current Vermonter

I am an Assistant Professor of Nutrition at the University of Vermont. My research focuses on metabolic health broadly with an emphasis on the liver. I am particularly interested in how the combination binge drinking and high-fat, high-sugar diets impact the liver. I also investigate methods for repurposing "wastes" generated by food processing as functional foods.

I am passionate about teaching and working with students to be active participants in the learning process. I seek to make my courses engaging and fun, while connecting topics to the broader picture.

I am committed to advancing social justice in my teaching and research. I am strong believer in being a life-long learner in all aspects, including how to be a better ally and champion for the historically excluded. To promote inclusivity and ensure I am working to aid others, I am always learning, listening, and seeking new information. 



Animal & Food Sciences (Human Nutrition)

West Virginia University


Exercise Physiology

West Virginia University 


Exercise Science

West Virginia Wesleyan College


My general teaching philosophy focuses on facilitating acquisition of knowledge through critical thinking, in-depth discussion, and the use of real-world scenarios. I often tell my students as long as they’re learning, not memorizing, I am happy. I utilize evidenced-based teaching methods and am constantly looking for ways to improve my teaching skills. Below is a sampling of the courses taught I have taught, as well as select comments from student reviews. In addition to teaching courses, I have also been an invited presenter and lecturer at several universities and conferences. Visit my teaching page to see more information! 


My research interests are solidly in nutrition, physiology, and public health. I am a highly collaborative person, as I believe sharing expertise is the best way forward to ensure our research asks and answers meaningful questions that have real benefits for human health. Please reach out if you are interested in collaborating! I am keen on involving students of all levels in the research process, from reading primary literature all the way through lab work, data collection, and data presentation, and manuscript preparation. To learn more about my current research projects, visit my research page.